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A man and his wife are on a nude beach sunning themselves when a wasp accidentally flies up into the woman’s pussy. The woman screams to her husband what happened, in which he immediately wraps her in a blanket and takes her to a doctor. After examining the woman, the doctor decides that the wasp is too far in to be reached with the forceps, but he has an idea. "Try slathering your penis in honey, then having intercourse with your wife. Maybe that will attract the wasp into coming out far enough to be reached."
The husband decides to try the idea, but because he’s so nervous, he can’t rise to the occasion. The doctor says that if neither of them objects, he will try. Given the severity of the situation, the couple agrees. The doctor immediately strips down, slathers on some honey, and mounts the woman. After several minutes of work, the husband asks the doctor what the hell he thinks he’s doing.

"Change of plans..... I’m gonna drown that little bastard!!!!"

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