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Sigmund Freud had many interesting things to say about people’s attitudes to laundry. Here is a quick test to see how you relate to it:

When watching your clothes going round in the tumble drier, what do you look out for?
A Jeans
B Shirts
C Socks
D Sex

What frightens you most about going into the launderette?
A Losing one sock of your favorite pair
B Putting whites and colors together so the colors mix
C Spiders
D Sex

What do you use to wash your clothes?
A Bold
B Persil
C Ariel
D Bio-Sex

When waiting for the washing machine to finish, what do you do?
A Walk away and do something else
B Stand and look at it
C Sit and look at it
D Lie down and do something else

You see a coffee stain on one of your shirts. What does it remind you of?
A Someone you know
B Coffee
C A butterfly
D Sex

If you answered D to most of these questions, then I would be most interested to meet you and discuss it at greater length.

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