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In the beginning, God made man.
He gave man a world full of fruits, vegetables, birds, and fish to eat.
God looked down on his creation and said, "This is good." Then, Satan created the 99 cent double cheeseburger. Satan asked man "Do you want fries with that?" Man said, "Make ’em SUPER SIZED!"
Then God created Yogurt and said "THIS is good."
Satan took the yogurt, froze it, and added chocolate, nuts, and sprinkles.
And man started gaining weight.
Then God created running shoes, Lipitor, and said "This is GOOD."
And Satan created Television, VCR’s, microwave popcorn, and pizza delivery.
And man sat on his couch, watching TV and eating popcorn and pizza.
Man gained even more weight.
So, God created coronary artery bypass grafts, PTCA’s with stents, and cardiac rehab.
God then said, "NOW, this IS good."
Then Satan created HMO’s.

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