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From "What The Queen Said", by Stoddard King:

The Doctors

Nowadays there’s little meaning

For a person to be gleaning

When a man attaches "Doctor" to his name

He may be a chiropractor

Or a painless tooth extractor

He’s entitled to the title just the same.

Or perhaps he is a preacher

Or a lecturer or teacher,

Or an expert who cures chickens of the pip;

He may keep a home for rummies,

Or massage fat people’s tummies,

Or specialize in ailments of the hip.

Everybody is a "doctor,"

From the backwoods herb concocter

To the man who takes bunions from your toes;

From the frowning dietitian

To the snappy electrician

Who shocks you loose from all the body’s woes.

So there’s very little meaning

For a sufferer to be gleaning

When a man attaches "Doctor" to his name.

He may pound you, he may starve you,

He may cut your hair or carve you,

You have got to call him Doctor all the same!

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